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Maison Lazier Maison Lazier is a Bed & Breakfast located in the Municipality of Pontey in Aosta Autonomous Region of Valle d'Aosta, is located practically in the center of all the tourist Valdostane.

Remo Lazier A few kilometers from the Casino de la Vallée, Billia Hotel and Spa Saint-Vincent, is not far from the Castle Baron Leg of Châtillon a town also known for the annual retreat of the team Juventus F.C., the Pré-Saint-Didier major ski slopes: Valtournenche, Courmayeur, La Thuile, Breuil-Cervinia, Cogne, Great St. Bernard, Mont Blanc and many others..
Remo Lazier Remo Lazier Remo Lazier Remo Lazier Remo Lazier
Remo Lazier
Maison Lazier - Maison Valdôtaine
A typical Aosta Valley style preferred by Remo Lazier, the owner, there are all the typical objects of a house valdostana as lanterns, instruments of labor to plow the fields, kitchens iron antique wood-fired and coal, chandeliers and the bells, the real alpine wood coming from the highest mountains of the Valle d'Aosta and stones carried by the slides from distant ancestors then leave the valley, will give you that feeling of warmth, family and real security and ensuring a peaceful night surreal.

A Bed&Breakfast designed for family, couples and friends, consists of 3 rooms with a total of 6 beds.
Maison Lazier Maison Lazier Maison Lazier Maison Lazier

Maison Lazier Maison Lazier provides a service to all valdostano offering an overnight stay with all comforts and a breakfast at a fixed price sustainable by any customer:

50,00 € per person
Night and breakfast.. for booking I would prefer to be contacted on +393408492624

50,00 € double room (single person)
100,00 € double room (use in pairs)